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Mark Thompson: 
Breaking Silence
A collection of works on paper by internationally-exhibited artist Mark Thompson

03Gallery, Sat February 3rd 2007 - Sun March 11th 2007

Mark Thompson's art delivers a metaphoric blast of ice cold air straight to the lungs. The stark geometric images, captured on paper, evoke the drama of the big freeze experienced in Northern climates. The viewer shares the burst of sub-zero temperature that Thompson experiences on his travels, from just staring at these evocative areas. Jagged surfaces of icebergs reveal contrasting shades throughout these extreme landscapes. Even on a warm day, the compact and airy O3 gallery is thoroughly chilled by this work. Geography meets abstract art in these often black and white images, providing evidence of how the artist senses the surrounding environment on his travels. 

The exhibition Breaking Silence is a testament to the power a landscape has to inspire the individual. Be warned, O3 gallery is a dangerously short hike to the nearest STA travel shop and wanderlust is guaranteed! Or simply satisfy yourself by taking home a stunning evocative print of Alaska, Iceland or Scandinavia.
Lita Doolan, 06/03/07
Thursday, 1 March 2007